Specialized Training

SI operators possess over 100 years of combined Special Operations experience, from units comprised of FBI, U.S. Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and Marine Force Reconnaissance. We offer training and consulting services in the following areas:

Security Training Evaluations

  • Evaluate and advise upon improvements that can be made to current security training standards currently in place by hiring agency for their security personnel training guidelines and methodologies.
  • Physical security assessments.

Mobile Security Consultations

  • Assess and advise upon improvements that can increase and improve upon client’s current mobile security procedures that may or may not be currently in place.

Personal Safety Training

  • Abduction Management training (4 days)
  • This course covers methods and techniques on how to avoid being abducted. Should it prove unavoidable, you will learn to identify what type of abductors you are dealing with, how to give yourself the best advantage of successful escape and how to plan an escape based on your situational awareness. Students will also learn how to defeat personal restraints.

The following advanced courses are also available under this discipline:

  • URBAN EVASION (3 Days)
  • 9010 COMBATIVES (3 Days)

Victimization prevention

Proactive prevention training geared towards identifying signs for protecting oneself before and during an active shooter or aggressor scenario i.e. Work place violence or shooting’s (NOT A SELF DEFENSE Course.) Course is designed to help one understand the signs and react as quickly and calmly as possible to remove themselves from the proximity of the threat by means of techniques used by Special Operations Forces to evade enemy compromise or immediate threat.

Basic Level Wilderness Survival Training

This course is designed to focus on the basics of survival which form the foundation for growth in any skill. The course covers:

  • Basic classes on surviving in multiple biomes.
  • Basic wilderness first aide
  • Basic land navigation
  • Basic survival needs i.e.
    • Shelter
    • Fire ( Focus on manmade techniques)
    • Procurement of food and water
    • Signaling and communicating in permissive and non-permissive situations.
    • Movement in permissive or non-permissive situations.

Project Management

Whether you are constructing SOF facilities our having to meet time critical deadlines, our consultants possess many years of leadership and managerial experience to accomplish the mission. Our primary focuses in all projects are:

  • Resources
    (People, equipment, material)
  • Time
    (Task durations, dependencies, critical path)
  • Money
    (Costs, contingencies, profit)
  • Scope
    (Project size, goals, requirements)