Forensic Science

Today, forensic science plays an integral and vital part in the Criminal Justice System. Due to the complex nature of modern scientific techniques, interpretation can sometimes be confusing and difficult to explain to the average person. Our team of forensic experts and educators provide comprehensive and quantitative findings that are easily understandable and presented to our students and clients.

In addition, The Songer Institute is committed in providing exceptional, accurate and detailed training in all areas of the forensic sciences. Our online Forensic Science Investigations Program, created by several notable and well respected forensic practitioners, provide the student an in-depth and comprehensive look into all aspects of crime scene investigations. Whether you’re just beginning or an experienced investigator looking for additional training and education, our courses can be taken from all different experience levels.

Online Degree Programs

The Songer Institute’s curriculum in Forensic Science is designed to provide a focus for individuals who aspire to work in the criminal investigative field, including professionals currently employed within the system who wish to expand current base knowledge in the collection of forensic evidence and the investigation of crimes. The program is suitable for students who have an interest in the field of forensic science.