The Songer Institute is dedicated to furthering the fields of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Strategic Intelligence, by channeling the training and development of students and practitioners through a continuous improvement model of delivery and content.


Songer Institutes’ staff of expert consultants and faculty provides the world’s best guidance and training for businesses, individuals and educational institutions of all types, sizes and nationalities. We fulfill two critical roles in today’s high-risk international environment: consulting and education. Our Consulting Division provides up-to-the- minute guidance for individuals and businesses in the areas of Forensics, Homeland Security, EM and Strategic Intelligence. Meanwhile, our Education Division trains domestic and international students utilizing Songer’s progressive distance education programs as well as other customized training formats. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

I. Effective written, verbal and digital presentation skills
II. Analysis using relevant conceptual, quantitative, and technology tools
III. Evaluation of competing options and reflection on values to support reasoned and ethical decision-making
IV. Recognition of multiple perspectives and global awareness
V. Experiential learning and collaborative skills for personal, social, civic, and global responsibility